He said that more and more couples are choosing outdoor weddings, and the price of holding such weddings ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. August to October is the peak season for outdoor weddings. He has to take advantage of the fact that there are not many hosts in this area, and he should pay close attention to improving his host level and relevant knowledge reserves. The wedding time is postponed, you can make more preparations, suspend wedding planning, postpone hotel reservations... At the beginning of this year, Ms. Guo of Sanyou·Emerald City Community in the urban area pressed the "pause button" for her wedding preparation plan while being isolated at home". Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, her wedding originally scheduled for March had to be postponed to October. Ms. Guo told reporters that after all, there is only one wedding in a lifetime. Everyone wants to be perfect. However, because they are engaged in medical work with their fiancé, their work is very busy on weekdays, and they don’t have much time for the wedding. Focus on simplicity". Han Xin and Li Jing, who work in a company near the intersection of Fushou East Street and Xinhua Road in Kuiwen District, told reporters that their wedding originally scheduled for the first half of this year was postponed to September. "After the delay for nearly half a year, we can prepare for the wedding to be more perfect." Li Jing told reporters that both of them's hometown is in the county and city, and they will return to their hometown to hold the wedding at that time. "We hope that the wedding will be different. Respect the opinions of both families. After all, the concept of the elderly is different from that of the young."
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