small tripod for phone

    The creative process of the series of works of "View" coincides with the "Vipassana" of Chinese traditional philosophy. "Vipassana" is a reality observation, that is, to observe the true face of things, it is a process of purifying the body and mind by observing itself. This echoes Tang Hui’s participation in the 57th Venice Biennale’s annual work, Jue, which reflects the dual consideration of life and fully demonstrates the charm of “people”. - "Bazaar Art"
    Human, humanity, life, consciousness and thinking have gradually become the "hard core" thinking in Tang Hui's artistic views. Participation, resonance and thinking have become some kind of "contract" between Tang Hui and the public.
    Only the “author is dead” and the human talent is an artist. After that small tripod for phone, the artist will select 50 to 100 distinct and interesting viewpoints and enter the follow-up “View” online series of art exhibitions, becoming one of the artists' exhibition works.
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