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    It can be regarded as fictional photography, such as Henry Peach Robinson's "Death", Oscar Gustave Rejlander's "Two Roads of Life", Margaret Cameron's portrait, etc., but many landscape works cannot be included. Surrealist photography, Dada photography, abstract photography , and object-shadow photography can neither be classified as non-fictional photography, nor can they be classified as fictional photography. In this regard, these two concepts are indeed more contemporary than historical. The presentation of fictional photography at the 2019 FORMAT International Photography Festival in the UK consists of two parts. The first part is the staged photography inherited from the photography tradition, and the second part is a cross-field photography that is strongly contemporary and reflects the characteristics of current social thinking and online life. The latter is particularly impressive to the author, and it can better reflect the characteristics and trends of current photography. He re is a brief review of the history of posing photography, which has generally gone through three stages. Early photographers such as Grete Cameron, William Lake Price, Henry Page Robinson, etc. . There are two factors that affect the pose photography at this stage. One is the speed of the glass plate. Due to the slow speed of Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit, in order to fully borrow natural light, many works involving characters can only be completed by posing. The second factor is that photography in this period was deeply influenced by traditional European dramas and paintings. The scenes in the works were arranged by the photographer according to the shooting intention. The characters are often the employed model or the photographer himself. The relationship between the two is storytelling, and the style is often influenced by traditional European paintings. Therefore, the posing photography of this period also has a very famous name, called "photography as theatre", and the photographer is Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit often called "storyteller". . At this stage, although posing may seem imperative, not all photographers are in favor of posing. Peter Henry Emerson insists that photography can only record things that exist in the world, and he firmly opposes Henry Page Robinson's pose. This is probably the Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit earliest dispute between documentary photography and artistic photography.
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