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    Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit

    To borrow Baudrillard’s words, it is a virtual simulation world-facing the simulation world, What is photography? With the stabilization of the epidemic situation, the wedding industry, where the pause button has been pressed, has gradually recovered since July. On August 7, the reporter visited and learned that almost all the newlyweds who were scheduled to have their wedding before May had postponed their wedding to the second half of the year, and some even postponed it to December. Couples have more and more diversified requirements for weddings. In addition to Western weddings, Chinese weddings are gradually being respected, and holding weddings outdoors has become a fashion. Outdoor weddings are in the ascendant, and the emcee is busy charging. Recently, in the urban Bailang Oasis Wetland Park, an outdoor Chinese wedding attracted guests who came to the ceremony. At 11 o'clock in the morning of the same day, the reporter saw at the Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit scene that the quiet courtyard was covered with red carpets, flowers, red silks, lights and festoons were hung on the bridge, the bridegroom was wearing red flowers on his chest, and the bride was wearing a phoenix crown. Along with the drumbeat of drums, the bridegroom led the bride with red silk and walked slowly into the flower hall. During this period, the bridegroom led the bride to step on the brazier and across the Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit saddle, implying that the days after marriage were prosperous and the whole life was safe. Afterwards, surrounded by the guests, the bridegroom used a "satisfactory" weighing rod to pick up the bride's red hijab, and the two exchanged tokens. After three prayers and nine bows, they were sent to the bridal chamber. The guests who came to watch the ceremony were all moved by the scene in front of them, and one after another took this wonderful moment with their cameras. Wang Mengyang is a host who has been engaged in the wedding host industry for many years.
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