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    Tang Hui's "View" online series of art exhibitions is not simply to complete a work, or an activity, but to build a public view of the world and values, and to "open the self" and lead to thinking. platform. And this "platform" contains the post-modernist view of art that the author is dead. “The author only exists in the pre-production period and in the creation. When the creation is completed and the public view of the work appears, the author is dead. So when facing the work, I am the audience like you, I will think with you. ......" Tang Hui said with a smile.
    “When a viewer faces a piece of work, he will “re-create” it according to his own experience, knowledge, and thinking. At this led ring light photography time, the work no longer belongs to the original author.”——People’s Daily

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    related to this event are juxtaposed in the work to construct a work that combines documentary and fiction (often using wall The form of the combination of skin photos and audio-visual equipment). This type of work is not to report an empirical fact, but to expand the relationship between historical existence and the present. Between images and information, between fiction and facts, between scenes and archives, etc., there are stories, There is a complex system of intertextual meaning in the intertextuality, the composition of works spans multiple fields, and the meaning space is more open. For example, German photographer Jan Stradtmann completed "Third Nature" (2015-2018) in three years. The project photographed Vajont, Italy in 1963. The landslide of the reservoir caused more than 2,000 deaths. The repercussions of the historical event today: the reservoir The cause of the construction was that the power company colluded with politicians to generate more electricity, ignored geologists’ warnings and public protests and forced the construction in the name of “public interest”; more than 30 years after the tragic incident of the landslide, the incident was in the Italian public domain Being banned, many details have not been disclosed until now. By photographing the current natural landscape of the reservoir, the survivors and the descendants of the victims, searching for the relics of the villagers in the disaster-stricken villages, relevant literature reports, legal documents, etc. the masked tragic historical event was constructed into a visual Archeological metaphor: how bad decisions are formed and how to avoid them in today's society. The "third nature" here is the continuation of the first nature and second nature in the European cultural tradition. The first nature refers to the wild nature without human influence,Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light and the second nature refers to the gardens designed and constructed by humans for aesthetics (this According to Jacopo Bonfadio, a scholar in the Renaissance, the “third nature” here refers to the fact that human beings are driven by interests and desires to change and distort nature (such as the Viant Reservoir). It is not beautiful, but may be ugly or even Symbol of disaster. Compared with FORMAT, we can see that more Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light and more domestic photographers are also adopting the creative methods (or techniques) of fictional photography.
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