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    Compared with documentary (report) photography, fictional photography can be regarded as a kind of liberation of photography; the former emphasizes rationality, logic, sociality, and witness, and tends to express a collective insight and linear time consciousness; the latter It allows photographers to transcend the barriers of rationality and construct, present and interpret the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod society and the world at multiple levels in a personal, imaginative, perceptual, and conceptual way, expressing more of a personal knowledge and intersecting time and space. To borrow from the British scholar Lucy Soutter, the former is straight and the latter is crooked. For fictional photography, chasing the authenticity of the work is no longer the core issue. How to use a variety of methods to achieve its fiction (it can be a mixture of fictional authenticity, or concepts, imagination, emotions, dreams, fantasy, and memory , Subconscious...) is the core issue; the originality of modernist art as the soul is not the core issue. Cindy Sherman, Richard Price, Sherrie Levine, etc. all directly embezzle classic images or commercial images to construct their own works , Is not at all constrained by "original". Therefore, fictional photography has strong post-modern artistic characteristics. In contemporary photography, this trend of rejecting the truth and taking the fiction reflects the change in the relationship between images and reality: With the advent of the digital age and the Internet society, human beings are no longer able to deal with the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod authenticity of information in accordance with traditional logical methods in the face of the information explosion. Screening: People's understanding of the world is no longer limited by personal feelings and experiences, and more comes from the Internet and social media. In essence, what people are facing is a world of representation (and various ideological slurs) constructed by other people’s information and science and technology.
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