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    This controversy was passed down in the history of Western photography until the late 1970s. With the spread of postmodern thought, people finally recognized the independent artistic status of posing photography. "The constructed reality" has become a common term in statements and related comments of posing photographers. The second stage of the development of posing photography appeared in the 1920s and 1930s as a part of modernist art. Representative photographers are Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Madame Yevonde, Claude Cahun, William Motensen, Harold F. Kells, T. Lux Feininger, Edward Steinchen and others. As part of the modernist art experiment, the attitude of posing photography towards European traditional painting and theater art in this period has changed. It is no longer a simple imitation, but has more expressionist elements, irony, parody, and spelling. Tie and other techniques also began to appear in the posing works of this Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit period. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, this experiment to further combine photography and art was interrupted. Beginning in the late 1970s, posing photography entered the third stage. Its most important features were interaction with social thoughts, resistance to photography’s very strong documentary and reporting narrative traditions,Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit and concepts of film and contemporary art. The borrowing of techniques and deconstructive reading of classical art through images. The works of representative photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Jeff Waugh, and Gregory Crewdson reflect this characteristic, and their pose photography works have become samples of postmodern photography. 3. Fictional Photography (Part 2): The rise of cross-domain photography. Compared with posing photography with strong traditional colors, the cross-domain photography launched by 2019FORMAT highlights the contemporary characteristics of fictional photography: photographers often take historical or real events as the Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit Subject, archive photos, historical documents, news reports, television or documentary fragments, various related physical objects, etc.
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