You see, does a film actually have something to show? There should be. But when I watched most other people's films, I couldn't feel anything. Maybe I was too superficial, I didn't have enough level and emotions, so I couldn't feel it.

    A friend showed me his film, and I know he is very satisfied. But I really don’t know how to say it Hpusn. I’m a very honest person, and I don’t want to say good things to things that I don’t feel. So I can only say: I had a delicious omelet today and I recommend it to you~

    On the contrary, when he watched my film, he would say that he thought of many possible stories. I think this idea is very hypocritical. I originally wanted to shoot scenes such as foggy days, rainy days and waiting for the car. If you extend it, think about it. So much, I think it is hypocritical. Because I struggled with hypocrisy, so I don't like hypocrisy.

    If you think I am a superficial and simple person, I really appreciate your thinking. I am tired of the kind of thinking of doing reading comprehension questions in high school Hpusn, so every time I name a group of films just "heavy rain", "fog", "first snow", and "sometime, the certain moment", I don't even find a situation sentence for copywriting. I know that it will make the film more comfortable, but I just can't. This is probably a bit of a struggle that I think I am.

    If you see here and think I'm talking nonsense, hahaha is such a thing Hpusn, I'm just talking nonsense. Okay, let's get to the topic.

    Preliminary explanation

    I will talk a little bit more in the early stage. First, let me talk about how the photos feel. Many people will mention the sense of cinema. When I first made this film, I just wanted to make the feeling. What I thought of was some scenes that everyone can think of, such as holding an umbrella on rainy days and running in the fields. But when I opened the b site and searched for "Japanese shadow Japanese drama mixed cut", the various scenes in my mind seemed to find their corresponding location characters, including the state that should be expressed at that time.

    But to be honest, a movie is a movie, and a photo is a photo. A photo cannot be supported by the story background of a movie. What we can do is to make it happen more realistically and make us feel the same when we see it. I think this It was a success. Put two screenshots of station b, and you can search for more movies and cut to hope for inspiration.
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