Tang Hui believes that the idea that art does not "dead" and the author "dead" makes people think of the idea of ??the German artist Boyce "everyone is an artist." Perhaps more than the so-called art or artist, Tang Hui cares more about how to get more people involved in the work, which leads to more resonance and thinking.
At this point, the author not only closed his eyes, but also tweeted Tang Hui’s introduction to the “Vipassana” with Bazaar Art: People, there are many reasons for closing your eyes, sleep, relax, aftertaste Meditate, think... Of course, there is disdain, ignorance, pain, death... Facing the UBeesize world’s noisy things, closing your eyes, can you open another yourself...
Activities, exhibitions, and more are “opening” their own platforms and are eligible to be presented in the “View” landing art exhibition held before the end of the year.