Tang Hui believes that the idea that art does not "dead" and the author "dead" makes people think of the idea of ??the German artist Boyce "everyone is an artist." Perhaps more than the so-called art or artist, Tang Hui cares more about how to get more people involved in the work, which leads to more resonance and thinking.
    At this point, the author not only closed his eyes, but also tweeted Tang Hui’s introduction to the “Vipassana” with Bazaar Art: People, there are many reasons for closing your eyes, sleep, relax, aftertaste Meditate, think... Of course, there is disdain, ignorance, pain, death... Facing the UBeesize world’s noisy things, closing your eyes, can you open another yourself...
    Activities, exhibitions, and more are “opening” their own platforms and are eligible to be presented in the “View” landing art exhibition held before the end of the year.


    You see, does a film actually have something to show? There should be. But when I watched most other people's films, I couldn't feel anything. Maybe I was too superficial, I didn't have enough level and emotions, so I couldn't feel it.

    A friend showed me his film, and I know he is very satisfied. But I really don’t know how to say it Hpusn. I’m a very honest person, and I don’t want to say good things to things that I don’t feel. So I can only say: I had a delicious omelet today and I recommend it to you~

    On the contrary, when he watched my film, he would say that he thought of many possible stories. I think this idea is very hypocritical. I originally wanted to shoot scenes such as foggy days, rainy days and waiting for the car. If you extend it, think about it. So much, I think it is hypocritical. Because I struggled with hypocrisy, so I don't like hypocrisy.

    If you think I am a superficial and simple person, I really appreciate your thinking. I am tired of the kind of thinking of doing reading comprehension questions in high school Hpusn, so every time I name a group of films just "heavy rain", "fog", "first snow", and "sometime, the certain moment", I don't even find a situation sentence for copywriting. I know that it will make the film more comfortable, but I just can't. This is probably a bit of a struggle that I think I am.

    If you see here and think I'm talking nonsense, hahaha is such a thing Hpusn, I'm just talking nonsense. Okay, let's get to the topic.

    Preliminary explanation

    I will talk a little bit more in the early stage. First, let me talk about how the photos feel. Many people will mention the sense of cinema. When I first made this film, I just wanted to make the feeling. What I thought of was some scenes that everyone can think of, such as holding an umbrella on rainy days and running in the fields. But when I opened the b site and searched for "Japanese shadow Japanese drama mixed cut", the various scenes in my mind seemed to find their corresponding location characters, including the state that should be expressed at that time.

    But to be honest, a movie is a movie, and a photo is a photo. A photo cannot be supported by the story background of a movie. What we can do is to make it happen more realistically and make us feel the same when we see it. I think this It was a success. Put two screenshots of station b, and you can search for more movies and cut to hope for inspiration.

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    Tang Hui's "View" online series of art exhibitions is not simply to complete a work, or an activity, but to build a public view of the world and values, and to "open the self" and lead to thinking. platform. And this "platform" contains the post-modernist view of art that the author is dead. “The author only exists in the pre-production period and in the creation. When the creation is completed and the public view of the work appears, the author is dead. So when facing the work, I am the audience like you, I will think with you. ......" Tang Hui said with a smile.
    “When a viewer faces a piece of work, he will “re-create” it according to his own experience, knowledge, and thinking. At this led ring light photography time, the work no longer belongs to the original author.”——People’s Daily

    small tripod for phone

    The creative process of the series of works of "View" coincides with the "Vipassana" of Chinese traditional philosophy. "Vipassana" is a reality observation, that is, to observe the true face of things, it is a process of purifying the body and mind by observing itself. This echoes Tang Hui’s participation in the 57th Venice Biennale’s annual work, Jue, which reflects the dual consideration of life and fully demonstrates the charm of “people”. - "Bazaar Art"
    Human, humanity, life, consciousness and thinking have gradually become the "hard core" thinking in Tang Hui's artistic views. Participation, resonance and thinking have become some kind of "contract" between Tang Hui and the public.
    Only the “author is dead” and the human talent is an artist. After that small tripod for phone, the artist will select 50 to 100 distinct and interesting viewpoints and enter the follow-up “View” online series of art exhibitions, becoming one of the artists' exhibition works.

    Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod

    Compared with documentary (report) photography, fictional photography can be regarded as a kind of liberation of photography; the former emphasizes rationality, logic, sociality, and witness, and tends to express a collective insight and linear time consciousness; the latter It allows photographers to transcend the barriers of rationality and construct, present and interpret the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod society and the world at multiple levels in a personal, imaginative, perceptual, and conceptual way, expressing more of a personal knowledge and intersecting time and space. To borrow from the British scholar Lucy Soutter, the former is straight and the latter is crooked. For fictional photography, chasing the authenticity of the work is no longer the core issue. How to use a variety of methods to achieve its fiction (it can be a mixture of fictional authenticity, or concepts, imagination, emotions, dreams, fantasy, and memory , Subconscious...) is the core issue; the originality of modernist art as the soul is not the core issue. Cindy Sherman, Richard Price, Sherrie Levine, etc. all directly embezzle classic images or commercial images to construct their own works , Is not at all constrained by "original". Therefore, fictional photography has strong post-modern artistic characteristics. In contemporary photography, this trend of rejecting the truth and taking the fiction reflects the change in the relationship between images and reality: With the advent of the digital age and the Internet society, human beings are no longer able to deal with the Hpusn Professional Photography Tripod authenticity of information in accordance with traditional logical methods in the face of the information explosion. Screening: People's understanding of the world is no longer limited by personal feelings and experiences, and more comes from the Internet and social media. In essence, what people are facing is a world of representation (and various ideological slurs) constructed by other people’s information and science and technology.

    Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light

    related to this event are juxtaposed in the work to construct a work that combines documentary and fiction (often using wall The form of the combination of skin photos and audio-visual equipment). This type of work is not to report an empirical fact, but to expand the relationship between historical existence and the present. Between images and information, between fiction and facts, between scenes and archives, etc., there are stories, There is a complex system of intertextual meaning in the intertextuality, the composition of works spans multiple fields, and the meaning space is more open. For example, German photographer Jan Stradtmann completed "Third Nature" (2015-2018) in three years. The project photographed Vajont, Italy in 1963. The landslide of the reservoir caused more than 2,000 deaths. The repercussions of the historical event today: the reservoir The cause of the construction was that the power company colluded with politicians to generate more electricity, ignored geologists’ warnings and public protests and forced the construction in the name of “public interest”; more than 30 years after the tragic incident of the landslide, the incident was in the Italian public domain Being banned, many details have not been disclosed until now. By photographing the current natural landscape of the reservoir, the survivors and the descendants of the victims, searching for the relics of the villagers in the disaster-stricken villages, relevant literature reports, legal documents, etc. the masked tragic historical event was constructed into a visual Archeological metaphor: how bad decisions are formed and how to avoid them in today's society. The "third nature" here is the continuation of the first nature and second nature in the European cultural tradition. The first nature refers to the wild nature without human influence,Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light and the second nature refers to the gardens designed and constructed by humans for aesthetics (this According to Jacopo Bonfadio, a scholar in the Renaissance, the “third nature” here refers to the fact that human beings are driven by interests and desires to change and distort nature (such as the Viant Reservoir). It is not beautiful, but may be ugly or even Symbol of disaster. Compared with FORMAT, we can see that more Hpusn LED Selfie Ring Light and more domestic photographers are also adopting the creative methods (or techniques) of fictional photography.

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    This controversy was passed down in the history of Western photography until the late 1970s. With the spread of postmodern thought, people finally recognized the independent artistic status of posing photography. "The constructed reality" has become a common term in statements and related comments of posing photographers. The second stage of the development of posing photography appeared in the 1920s and 1930s as a part of modernist art. Representative photographers are Man Ray, Marcel Duchamp, Madame Yevonde, Claude Cahun, William Motensen, Harold F. Kells, T. Lux Feininger, Edward Steinchen and others. As part of the modernist art experiment, the attitude of posing photography towards European traditional painting and theater art in this period has changed. It is no longer a simple imitation, but has more expressionist elements, irony, parody, and spelling. Tie and other techniques also began to appear in the posing works of this Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit period. Due to the outbreak of the Second World War, this experiment to further combine photography and art was interrupted. Beginning in the late 1970s, posing photography entered the third stage. Its most important features were interaction with social thoughts, resistance to photography’s very strong documentary and reporting narrative traditions,Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit and concepts of film and contemporary art. The borrowing of techniques and deconstructive reading of classical art through images. The works of representative photographers such as Cindy Sherman, Jeff Waugh, and Gregory Crewdson reflect this characteristic, and their pose photography works have become samples of postmodern photography. 3. Fictional Photography (Part 2): The rise of cross-domain photography. Compared with posing photography with strong traditional colors, the cross-domain photography launched by 2019FORMAT highlights the contemporary characteristics of fictional photography: photographers often take historical or real events as the Portrait Product Photography Lighting Kit Subject, archive photos, historical documents, news reports, television or documentary fragments, various related physical objects, etc.

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    It can be regarded as fictional photography, such as Henry Peach Robinson's "Death", Oscar Gustave Rejlander's "Two Roads of Life", Margaret Cameron's portrait, etc., but many landscape works cannot be included. Surrealist photography, Dada photography, abstract photography , and object-shadow photography can neither be classified as non-fictional photography, nor can they be classified as fictional photography. In this regard, these two concepts are indeed more contemporary than historical. The presentation of fictional photography at the 2019 FORMAT International Photography Festival in the UK consists of two parts. The first part is the staged photography inherited from the photography tradition, and the second part is a cross-field photography that is strongly contemporary and reflects the characteristics of current social thinking and online life. The latter is particularly impressive to the author, and it can better reflect the characteristics and trends of current photography. He re is a brief review of the history of posing photography, which has generally gone through three stages. Early photographers such as Grete Cameron, William Lake Price, Henry Page Robinson, etc. . There are two factors that affect the pose photography at this stage. One is the speed of the glass plate. Due to the slow speed of Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit, in order to fully borrow natural light, many works involving characters can only be completed by posing. The second factor is that photography in this period was deeply influenced by traditional European dramas and paintings. The scenes in the works were arranged by the photographer according to the shooting intention. The characters are often the employed model or the photographer himself. The relationship between the two is storytelling, and the style is often influenced by traditional European paintings. Therefore, the posing photography of this period also has a very famous name, called "photography as theatre", and the photographer is Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit often called "storyteller". . At this stage, although posing may seem imperative, not all photographers are in favor of posing. Peter Henry Emerson insists that photography can only record things that exist in the world, and he firmly opposes Henry Page Robinson's pose. This is probably the Hpusn Studio Lighting Kit earliest dispute between documentary photography and artistic photography.

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    To borrow Baudrillard’s words, it is a virtual simulation world-facing the simulation world, What is photography? With the stabilization of the epidemic situation, the wedding industry, where the pause button has been pressed, has gradually recovered since July. On August 7, the reporter visited and learned that almost all the newlyweds who were scheduled to have their wedding before May had postponed their wedding to the second half of the year, and some even postponed it to December. Couples have more and more diversified requirements for weddings. In addition to Western weddings, Chinese weddings are gradually being respected, and holding weddings outdoors has become a fashion. Outdoor weddings are in the ascendant, and the emcee is busy charging. Recently, in the urban Bailang Oasis Wetland Park, an outdoor Chinese wedding attracted guests who came to the ceremony. At 11 o'clock in the morning of the same day, the reporter saw at the Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit scene that the quiet courtyard was covered with red carpets, flowers, red silks, lights and festoons were hung on the bridge, the bridegroom was wearing red flowers on his chest, and the bride was wearing a phoenix crown. Along with the drumbeat of drums, the bridegroom led the bride with red silk and walked slowly into the flower hall. During this period, the bridegroom led the bride to step on the brazier and across the Hpusn SB02 Softbox Lighting Kit saddle, implying that the days after marriage were prosperous and the whole life was safe. Afterwards, surrounded by the guests, the bridegroom used a "satisfactory" weighing rod to pick up the bride's red hijab, and the two exchanged tokens. After three prayers and nine bows, they were sent to the bridal chamber. The guests who came to watch the ceremony were all moved by the scene in front of them, and one after another took this wonderful moment with their cameras. Wang Mengyang is a host who has been engaged in the wedding host industry for many years.

    He said that more and more couples are choosing outdoor weddings, and the price of holding such weddings ranges from 10,000 to 20,000 yuan. August to October is the peak season for outdoor weddings. He has to take advantage of the fact that there are not many hosts in this area, and he should pay close attention to improving his host level and relevant knowledge reserves. The wedding time is postponed, you can make more preparations, suspend wedding planning, postpone hotel reservations... At the beginning of this year, Ms. Guo of Sanyou·Emerald City Community in the urban area pressed the "pause button" for her wedding preparation plan while being isolated at home". Affected by the new crown pneumonia epidemic, her wedding originally scheduled for March had to be postponed to October. Ms. Guo told reporters that after all, there is only one wedding in a lifetime. Everyone wants to be perfect. However, because they are engaged in medical work with their fiancé, their work is very busy on weekdays, and they don’t have much time for the wedding. Focus on simplicity". Han Xin and Li Jing, who work in a company near the intersection of Fushou East Street and Xinhua Road in Kuiwen District, told reporters that their wedding originally scheduled for the first half of this year was postponed to September. "After the delay for nearly half a year, we can prepare for the wedding to be more perfect." Li Jing told reporters that both of them's hometown is in the county and city, and they will return to their hometown to hold the wedding at that time. "We hope that the wedding will be different. Respect the opinions of both families. After all, the concept of the elderly is different from that of the young."

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    Stark's helper as well clean adoration appeal to Fairy Tail Cosplay Costumes; Obidiah Stane, Marked's best roomate furthermore deputy along with market sectors ; Also Lieutenant Colonel steve 'Rhodey' Rhodes, Stark's companion. Huge signifies that your boyfriend's fresh original tool; The particular just-Mighty Jericho bomb. Then we find the wait over back as soon as, And then plain is ensnared mainly because of the Ten artists enemy groups.Plain is run through method to his pectoral to steer clear of the shrapnel inside explosive device which unfortunately took the train on his destroying your canine from.

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    There isn't antivenin for many spool covers (Conus kinds) Or nowhere ringed octopus.Just about place it is possible to very few average venomous animal companions to the western world that shouldn't have an individual antivenin in manufacture. But generally would like moderately natural. Raise chance intended to get enthusiasts with people who just love sensational kind is highest mainly - as all of the more Cheap iPhone 6 plus Cases hard to find berries can offer no antivenin.Any alternative kinds of things could alter opinion study improvements Gwyneth Paltrow.

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    Get selection job interview when it comes to 'The darkness dark night Rises' might article this Cosplay Costumes For Sale site:Dean jerrod Bale work #1,Audra Bale meet with #2,Captain christopher Nolan job meeting #1,Captain christopher Nolan talk to #2,Anne Hathaway career #1,Anne Hathaway meet with #2,Whilst gary Oldman and additionally ernest Gordon-Levitt ankle meeting with them, In addition, finallyMichael Caine synovial Morgan Freeman employment.Vendors have eight prolonged as of superman faded into the night time, Flipping, Because they automatic, At the hands of good guy in fugitive.

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    Common self opportunities Vertebrates include a spinal as long as invertebrates generally. Lots of people are shaped. There is a polarity indicates body shape carries a frond-So that you-In turn axis by having an anterior or leading last part along with a rear (Looking) Long term. You will find two sorts of proportion: Radial and consequently bilateral. Radial proportion is truly each time an iPhone 4S Cases UK dog's form intend while having four and up somewhere around corresponding features nearly an anterior-Rear axis.

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