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    Compared with the young people born after 1990, the post-80s "personal pursuit" will be a bit compromised and will be. Their childhood is at least a part of the time and the 6070s have a large part of the time overlap, in some inconspicuous Local compromises and will have become a habit. The generations of the 90s and 95s represented by Huang Yihan have not yet learned to compromise, and they have ushered in a social network explosion, and the publicity of the publicity grows on social networks.
    Taking the time back seven or eight years, Huang Yihan is still studying, the right to speak is still in the hands of 6070, the post-80s part has the right to speak,phone camera tripod and the demand for personality after 90s and 95s is fully suppressed. Although they can grow wildly on social networks, there is no way for many needs to be met. In recent years, the situation has been completely different. More and more people entered the society after the 9095. They began to become entrepreneurs into the business world. The demand that has been suppressed for many years ushered in the first major outbreak.

    cell phone tripod

    The hippocampus photo studio was born in Zhejiang Media College. At the time, Huang Yihan, the founder of the hippocampus photo studio, was still studying. During his operation of the photography, he found that the girl who broadcasted the professional complained that “the photo was really ugly,” he suddenly realized that it might be a market that was ignored by the photography industry, and then the girlfriend at that time has now become The couple’s hippocampus co-founder Uri and the co-founders of the singular photography team started the entrepreneurial journey of the hippocampus in the Xiasha Higher Education Park in Hangzhou.
    After the establishment of the light, fast and simple photography 3.0 mode, the independent research and development of the cell phone tripod Internet reservation system, the store opened into the benchmark shopping center, the hippocampus photo studio, the O2O2O model of new photography brand gradually embarked on the road of national chain photography brand.
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