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    This generation of young people is no longer a generation that can be a good one, even if it is such a humble document, it must be perfect. The students who broadcast the professionally hosted the higher requirements for the United States. Huang Yihan, who is good at observing, found out their needs, and then they used the original photo of the original users to specialize in exquisite documents and quickly swept the Zhejiang Media College. This experience allowed him to taste the sweetness of the precise crowd, and directly affected the later operation direction of the hippocampus photo studio.
    After detonating the Zhejiang Media College, the hippocampus photo studio was officially born. With the photo of the passport, it was quickly cut into the fields of visa photos, marriage registration photos, workplace photos and art photos, behind each segment. There are a group of people who are ring light for makeup artist real. They may be different types of people, or they may be different people's life side. Most of them were born after 1990. They pursue a more ceremonial life. They focus on sharing and expressing their unwillingness to follow.

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    The focusing structure of Petzval lens. There are three kinds of lens barrel structure of Petzval lens. The first is a common sleeve structure. The inner tube of the lens is embedded with a rack and the outer tube is equipped with a gear focusing button. , The outer cylinder can move each other under the drive of gears and racks to achieve precise focusing. Another large Petzval lens often does not have this design. The main reason is that the lens is too large and weighs more. It is divided into two sections, an inner tube and an outer tube, which tends to cause the axis of the lens barrel to bend due to its gravity; the last one is relatively rare, Tik Tok Ring Light for phone and the structure is similar to the first one, except that the front and rear parts of the lens barrel can be separated , In order to install the aperture washer in the lens barrel, and then tighten the top wire to fix it. This type of lens was generally manufactured before the water room aperture appeared in 1860. In addition to the second large lens, the first and third types can be adjusted by gears and racks. The characteristics of this gear and rack show distinctive regional characteristics. Generally speaking, European-made Petzval lenses, or early Petzval lenses made in the United States, their gears and racks are arranged in an orthogonal form. After about 1850, the Petzval lenses made in the United States have their gears and racks arranged. The shape is radial (meridian). This is a very important distinguishing element for early lenses, especially for the identification of the origin of many uninscribed lenses. Tik Tok Ring Light for Phone For the imitation of the Petzval lens, Voigtlander company produced the first Petzval lens, which solved the problem of too long time for portraits in the early stage of silver plate photography, and was immediately sought after by the photography industry. However, since Voigtlander only obtained the Austrian patent for this design, it did not apply for worldwide patent protection. Therefore, "Pezval" lenses are legally imitated by equipment manufacturers around the world.
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