Video Tripod

    Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod

    In 1893, the Cooke portrait lens launched by Taylor Hobson appeared. Its design not only can completely correct chromatic aberration, but also has a good soft focus function. Therefore, it is also a big impact on the Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod status of the traditional Petzval lens for portrait photography. In 1900, H·Harting of Voigtlander successfully developed the Heliar professional portrait lens with five elements in three groups, which was later introduced to the market in 1902. In the same year, Chase also introduced the Tessar lens, which was improved to a larger aperture of F3.5 after five years of development based on the original F6.3 aperture. These lenses have largely dispersed the market share of Petzval lenses in portrait lenses. As the king in the field of portrait photography, the Petzval lens has dominated the photographic equipment market in the 19th century for 50 years. It was once evaluated as "one of the most successful lenses designed in human history." In the face of new materials and new technologies, although it has gradually faded out of people's field of vision, people have not forgotten its immortal contributions to the Geekoto DV2 Heavy-Duty Video Tripod development of photographic equipment, and even to the entire history of photography. The return of the king, due to an error in Petzval's calculations that year, the Petzval lens appeared to be out-of-focus background swirling blur (commonly known as "Xuanjiao", which is exactly like the "radial blur" in Photoshop). Unexpectedly, this effect is crooked, and it is called a rather artistic lens by today's people, and it is widely favored by black and white portrait photographers. Therefore, when the Sony mirrorless lens came out and the connection circle became popular, the characteristics and charm of Petzval lenses were once again highlighted, and they were once again introduced into the market by some business-minded businesses to produce Petzval special lenses for mirrorless and SLR cameras. , To meet the needs of Petzval effect for portrait photographers around the world. This kind of Petzval structure lens is easy to buy online, and links to Petzval art photography are also everywhere, forming a certain hot Petzval art circle. In the field of photography today, optical structure is still used. The visual arts) has a place. It can be predicted that Petzval's "artistic style" will continue!
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