Photography Panel Lighting

    Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting

    This name is no longer unique to Voigtlander's products, and has become the collective name for this Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting lens of the same design type. In addition to Voigtlander, the earlier Petzval lens manufacturers include Segretan in France, Ross and Horne in the UK, Grubb in Ireland, and Harrison in the United States. Even Chevalier, the main competitor in the early development of the Petzval lens, began producing Petzval lenses in 1850. Just take the Harrison company as an example. The company started manufacturing in 1849 and produced a total of 9,500 Petzval lenses by November 1864.Hpusn LED Photography Panel Lighting And Voigtlander produced only 25,000 such lenses from 1840 until 1920. With the appearance of new optical materials and new designs, the dominance of the Petzval lens has been gradually impacted, differentiated and dispelled since the end of the 19th century. In 1885, Ernst Abbe and Otto Schott of Jena, Germany, invented barium crown optical glass. This glass not only greatly reduces astigmatism, but also better corrects chromatic aberration and spherical aberration through a series of optical designs. And accordingly introduced a new type of positive lens. It can be said that this is the first blow to the Petzval lens, which has only corona glass and flint glass. In 1890, Chase’s engineer P. Rudolph also designed a new type of Anastigmat using new barium crown glass. This is an excellent lens with basically no astigmatism. It was renamed the "Protar" lens by Chase in 1900.
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