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    Aperture lens, manufactured by Voigtlander in 1840. This is the world's first camera lens designed with mathematical calculations, named after the designer, Professor Petzval. This lens, designed by Professor Petzval and manufactured by Voigtlander, was originally designed with a large aperture. It is a 3-group 4-element lens. The front lens group is an achromatic cemented lens with a convex surface outward. The rear group consists of 2 independent lenses, which are made of flint glass and corona glass. The center of the lens image field has a high resolution, but the surrounding vignetting is obvious. And because of the narrow viewing angle, the original Petzval lens can only cover 1/4 of the film area of ??the wooden slide box printing plate camera. Nevertheless, its F3.64 large aperture was still outstanding and unmatched at the time. Voigtlander first installed this prototype lens on a test camera in May 1840. In November of the same year, Voigtlander began selling this lens. On New Year's Day the following year, this lens was mounted on the company’s copper-made cannonball-shaped silver camera, and mass production and market launch began. The Petzval lens development. As mentioned earlier, the Petzval lens had a relatively small image field. Before the end of 1840, there was only a 1/4 version (3.125×4.125 inches, 79.37×104.77 mm),Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting and one after another 1 /2 version (4.125×5.5 inches, 104.77×139.7 mm), full version (6.5×8.5 ??inches, 165.1×215.9 mm) and smaller specifications such as 1/6 version, 1/9 version and 1/16 version . In the future, with the needs of photographers, a Petzval lens larger than the full-size version appeared, which can shoot such as the 8/4 version (double version) and 12/4 version (mammoth version) in the United States. Large format photos. Their size is between 10.5 × 13.5 inches (266.7 × 342.9 mm) to 14 × 17 inches (355.6 × 431.8 mm). At that time, the well-known American Harrison Company (Harrison) could produce Petzval lenses of various specifications from 1/4 version to Mammoth version. The aperture mechanism of the Portrait Landscape Photography Lighting Petzval lens has also gone through several stages of development.
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