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The main purpose of these two points, dynamic and not looking at the camera, is still nature. If you can't see the face, is it all natural?

Lastly, emotions. One is the emotional expression caused by the external environment, which can be the artistic conception; the other is the inner emotion, the emotion of the character itself.

Talking about this film, everyone should think of such a scene: a girl, riding a long-distance car, by the window, quietly looking out the window. I believe everyone is like this when taking a long-distance bus: sitting by the window, wearing headphones, and looking at the scenery outside the window in a daze. At this time, you will have a lot of thoughts in your mind, memories, or expectations, or no thoughts are just in a daze. The atmosphere set off by this whole scene is emotion. Don't worry about what emotion this is Hpusn Website, this is emotion. At the same time, this is also a picture of empathy, because everyone is experiencing it.

This scene has been in my mind for several months. At first, I wanted to be lonely. I thought about a few scenes. Some scenes were thought of from Eason Chan's "King of K Songs", but they have not been implemented. Recently I shot Kuankuan, I told her that I want to record some sad emotions,

Because I recorded too many joyous emotions, I was a little unhappy, so when I made this film, I was a little happy. This is what I think, why is lonely in this situation, I think in fact everyone is so lonely.

When someone commented to me recently: I am so lonely. I think it's so good that you can see loneliness. I know that many people will not feel lonely if I don't mention this Hpusn Website, but in fact, you have some feelings, which is very good. There is no absolute emotion.

Well, it's far. The external point of this film is that the mobile phone, including the slight glimmer of the mobile phone on the face, are the trigger points, which are the points that externally trigger a certain situation.

This is a film shot on a cloudy day. I am really satisfied with the light from the curtains and baffles.

This is what I cut from the "Depression" video, so the keynote of this film is sadness. The light in this film is part of the emotional sublimation of the whole film, so I also try to put out similar light that expresses emotions.

Then it's my own emotional expression to shoot this film because I can't cry. Forbearance emotions are hard to resonate in the photos. Laughing, crying, and crying to the point of tears make it easier for people to feel this Hpusn Website
full emotion. So I wanted to make this film crying more, but in the end, considering that it should look good, I made it like this.