tripod stand for camera

    After returning to China, Fan Xiaojun immediately put into creation. He integrated the creative environment of different places into the shooting, and was good at integrating different artistic expressions into the composition of photography, and quickly gained recognition from insiders. After eight consecutive years, he was selected as the Shanghai International Wedding Photography Exhibition. He has been listed in the "Chinese Portrait Photography" magazine for five consecutive years and has become a hot "star photographer" inside and outside the industry.
    In 2013, Fan Xiaojun officially joined the tripod stand for camera only vision, determined to help more newcomers record the moment of happiness. For the first time, the “Decisive Instant Idea” and “French Photography Style” were brought into the Chinese wedding bridal shoot industry. He said that bridal wedding photos are not a simple combination of scenery and characters, but a real life scene full of emotions, details, and stories.
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