Concentrated in September and October, the hotel wedding banquet dates were full. The reporter learned that many newly booked hotels in advance have arranged extensions. In the second half of the year, especially in September and October, the schedule is full. The wedding banquet market that has been "shut down" for a few months due to the epidemic will usher in a "recovery" in the second half of the year. Liu Yong, who works at a bank on Dongfang Road in the high-tech zone, told reporters that in July last year, they decided to hold the wedding on May 1st this year. At that time, I chose a wedding banquet hall with about 200 people. I didn't expect that the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caused everything to be rearranged. "I visited almost all the star-rated hotels in the city in June, and the earliest could only be scheduled in late November. Finally, after discussing with my family, we decided to postpone the wedding to May next year." Liu Yong said. The reporter consulted many star-rated hotels in the city, such as Oriental Hotel, Yuanfei Hotel, Austin Hotel, Blue Ocean Hotel, etc. The wedding banquet was booked until November. Zhang Yong, the person in charge of Jixiang Hotel on Dongfeng East Street, told reporters that in July, there were about 20 weddings held in their hotel, and most couples chose to hold their weddings in September or October. "The hotel will also reserve dates for other business banquets, so the hotel will usher in the peak season in the next half of the year." Zhang Yong said that judging from the current situation of hotel reservations for wedding banquets, there will be a phenomenon of getting married in the second half of the year. The person in charge of a star hotel in the city said that under normal circumstances, the hotel will guide guests to avoid wedding days and weekends as much as possible, because venues and wedding decorations are also more difficult to book at these times. In addition, for better results, new couples can choose a larger venue or hold the ceremony outdoors to extend the dining distance of guests.
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