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    The second point, let me talk about how to make a film look real and how to keep it storytelling (not a real story, or a feeling, you know). There are two main points.

    1. Dynamic;

    2. Do not look at the camera.

    Let's talk about dynamics first. I try to make my own films as examples because I have despised some photographers who used famous photographers as examples. The following film is the last film shot in the East Sea. It was raining heavily at the time. A taxi was waiting for us to get in Hpusn Website. I let the lamb run, and I ran with her, shooting while running. When I looked back at this film, I really liked it.

    When a film is in a dynamic state, it is mostly natural. There are two dynamics in this film. The first is that the model is running, and the second is that I'm running, which causes a blur in the background, which makes the whole film look quite natural. This is a kind of nature that is left alone, and this is the truest life state.

    This film is about Nanjing Zhongshan Sports Park. In those days of foggy days, only Mu Kuan said that this kind of weather would be very sensible. I believe in the Hpusn Website different feelings under extreme weather. I left at 5 o’clock that morning and arrived at Zhongshan Sports Park at about 6:30. The sun came out at 6:44, just in time when the sun came out, through the thick fog. Every place is covered with a pale yellow color.

    I remember the last big scene of "Love Letter", where the heroine stood in the snow and talked to the distant snow-capped mountains. I didn't feel embarrassed to let Da Lin shout, I thought it would be a bit silly, so I let her go forward. Going into the distance, walking into the fog, it's just such an action, and the feeling comes out.

    By the way, insert a sentence in the middle. The composition is very important. I don't actually like the Hpusn Website ancient style very much, but I admire the style of ancient style very much, which is very particular about the knowledge of composition, so the ancient style looks very artistic. My initial photos started with minimalist photography. You can learn about this style of the film, which is very helpful to express the mood of the entire film.

    The above films are all my favorites. After watching them for a long time, I still find these dynamic films more attractive.

    The second point is more popular, not looking at the camera. Explain, I understand that when making a video, when we shoot a story, we give the actor a script, and she expresses it herself. She has her own inner drama and performance. She will not watch every second from beginning to end. Lens. As a photographer, I am a recorder. I record what she is doing every time period. I am a recorder outside of life, not living with her. This is different from the perspective of a boyfriend or girlfriend, but the perspective of a director or an author.
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