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    The second point, let me talk about how to make a film look real and how to keep it storytelling (not a real story, or a feeling, you know). There are two main points.

    1. Dynamic;

    2. Do not look at the camera.

    Let's talk about dynamics first. I try to make my own films as examples because I have despised some photographers who used famous photographers as examples. The following film is the last film shot in the East Sea. It was raining heavily at the time. A taxi was waiting for us to get in Hpusn Website. I let the lamb run, and I ran with her, shooting while running. When I looked back at this film, I really liked it.

    When a film is in a dynamic state, it is mostly natural. There are two dynamics in this film. The first is that the model is running, and the second is that I'm running, which causes a blur in the background, which makes the whole film look quite natural. This is a kind of nature that is left alone, and this is the truest life state.

    This film is about Nanjing Zhongshan Sports Park. In those days of foggy days, only Mu Kuan said that this kind of weather would be very sensible. I believe in the Hpusn Website different feelings under extreme weather. I left at 5 o’clock that morning and arrived at Zhongshan Sports Park at about 6:30. The sun came out at 6:44, just in time when the sun came out, through the thick fog. Every place is covered with a pale yellow color.

    I remember the last big scene of "Love Letter", where the heroine stood in the snow and talked to the distant snow-capped mountains. I didn't feel embarrassed to let Da Lin shout, I thought it would be a bit silly, so I let her go forward. Going into the distance, walking into the fog, it's just such an action, and the feeling comes out.

    By the way, insert a sentence in the middle. The composition is very important. I don't actually like the Hpusn Website ancient style very much, but I admire the style of ancient style very much, which is very particular about the knowledge of composition, so the ancient style looks very artistic. My initial photos started with minimalist photography. You can learn about this style of the film, which is very helpful to express the mood of the entire film.

    The above films are all my favorites. After watching them for a long time, I still find these dynamic films more attractive.

    The second point is more popular, not looking at the camera. Explain, I understand that when making a video, when we shoot a story, we give the actor a script, and she expresses it herself. She has her own inner drama and performance. She will not watch every second from beginning to end. Lens. As a photographer, I am a recorder. I record what she is doing every time period. I am a recorder outside of life, not living with her. This is different from the perspective of a boyfriend or girlfriend, but the perspective of a director or an author.

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    It was designed by the Frenchman Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre and manufactured by his wife and brother Alphonse Giroux. Although it has come out, it is not yet able to shoot portraits, because the achromatic lens used in the Kilux camera had a too small aperture. The "Grand Vincent & Sons Optical Instrument Company" that provides this kind of lens for Quilux cameras is a famous optical instrument manufacturer in Paris. The owner Charles Chevalier is in the third generation. The company is good at manufacturing telescopes, microscopes and obscura lenses. Since 1824, Daguerre has often contacted Chevalier and his son to buy Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit some lenses for the camera obscura, and even his cooperation with Niepce was only reached through the match of Chevalier. In 1839, the lens developed by Chevalier for Daguerre’s Kirux camera was a crescent-shaped achromatic cemented lens, which was improved on the basis of the telescope lens. This two-piece achromatic lens can effectively reduce the chromatic aberration and spherical aberration of the lens, and it can also ensure that the image field covers a full-page negative of 6.5×8.5 ​​inches (164×216 mm). The focal length of the Geekoto GT200 Flash Speedlite Kit lens is about 380 mm, and the maximum aperture is F14. Such a small aperture, coupled with the extremely low sensitivity of the silver plate emulsion at the time, made the shooting exposure time as long as 3-30 minutes depending on the weather! It is difficult for a person to remain motionless for such a long time, so basically it cannot be used to shoot portraits, only still life and scenery, so this kind of lens is also called landscape lens or landscape lens. During the development process of the Petzval lens, how to make a lens with a larger aperture to make it possible to shoot portraits? Many scientists have begun research in this area. Mr. Joseph Petzval, a professor of German/Austrian mathematics at the University of Vienna, was entrusted by Voigtlander Company. With the help of 10 Austrian soldiers with mathematical foundations, he designed a landmark building with mathematical calculations.

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    Off-shoulder puff sleeves and off-the-shoulder wedding dresses are everywhere. Every season, they will get a new life through a slight trend upgrade. For 2020, designers are betting on big sleeves to update the ubiquitous neckline. The large puff sleeves in the 80s style have been decorated on the shoulder dresses of Justin Alexander Signature, Monique Lhuillier, Allison Webb, etc. Belted waist, there are also some eye-catching accessories on the bridal runway in the fall of 2020. Next year the bride will consider using a bold leather belt to tie her waist. Floral earrings, floral fragrance? This is actually groundbreaking for autumn. The Fall 2020 collection definitely has a spring vibe-large floral prints, garden wedding dresses, bold headdresses decorated with flowers, and oversized floral earrings. The models in fashion week all dropped flowers from their ears and made a clear statement: the bigger the flower, the better. Feather elements, there is no shortage of feathers this Strobe Light Photography Kit season, but designers have pushed this trend further on many occasions. Designers decorate the skirt with feathers and even embellish feathers at the hem. Blush wedding dresses, blush wedding dresses are nothing new, the previous trend has become a part of the bride's world. However, the designer put on a blush gown beyond the ordinary, and even the most skeptical believers in white wedding dresses were amazed. The most beautiful wedding dresses of 2020! After admiring the most beautiful wedding dress, do you feel great satisfaction? When digital photography became the mainstream, leading people into the era of pan-photography, a group of people played "retro". The grafting of traditional lenses and antique lenses on digital cameras became an excellent solution for acquiring the Strobe Light Photography Kit charm of different shades. The world’s first portrait lens, Petzval, has become a model sought after by portrait photography enthusiasts due to its unique imaging effects. Some manufacturers even "reproduce" practical models optimized for digital cameras. Zvar lens, and expensive. This year happens to be the 180th anniversary of the birth of the Petzval lens. 180 years ago, for the first time in human history, there was a camera lens suitable for shooting portraits. At the same time, a camera made of all metal appeared for the first time. This is the famous Petzval lens and the Voigtlander lens that uses this lens. All-metal silver camera. The research and development of the Petzval lens dates back to 1839.

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    Orders rose against the trend, and the wedding industry ushered in a "real outbreak" an epidemic, which shut down all aspects of the entire wedding industry for several months. As the epidemic improves, the entire industry also ushered in a golden age. With the arrival of the post-epidemic era, the wedding industry has also felt the "warmth" from the market. Nowadays, the high popularity and high order volume at the wedding expo have verified that the wedding economy has ushered in a "real explosion". The relevant person in charge of the Guangzhou organizer of the China Wedding Expo told reporters that the first restart in the post-epidemic era has also brought many industry changes. Many companies will formulate some marketing and product strategies based on changes in consumer demand after the epidemic. , Adjust the product form in order to have a better presentation in front of consumers. There are many practically tested fashion choices in this season’s fashion show-a large number of bows, colorful dresses, trouser suits and floral embroidery. The back design is bigger and more nude than ever before, and feathers are everywhere and design. There are pockets, and even the butterfly is showing up... the bare back and the sharp drop of the v-neckline meet her requirements with almost no back drop. Designers are betting on the backless, which will be a huge hit for brides in the next season. Sometimes this Ring Light for Makeup Artist trend uses the keyhole feature on the back, and in other cases, it is used as a draped back, forming a romantic atmosphere on the back. Super high seam, Angelina Jolie's flat seam is no stranger to the bridal world, but this season the designer understands this literally. In only a few examples, we have seen bold cracks. But this season's trend is more radical, wearing more semi-short skirts (or almost no skirts) and semi-long skirts. The corset, I feel that bridal designers everywhere have seen the Moulin Rouge on Broadway and were inspired. Corsets and underwire cups are essential items on this season's fashion show. The result is an extremely sexy impression of lingerie-style fashion, even attracting the most timid bride. The butterfly element, maybe this is the Ring Light for Makeup Artist ongoing revival in the 90s, maybe just the bride designer’s love for everything in the secret garden, but the butterfly is here all season. We love this trend, which is part of Monique Lhuillier's new floral prints, and even more embroidered accents on the Ines di Santo train. Pocket, don't worry about the bride in 2020, the designer is satisfying you and your last-minute lipstick needs. Wedding dresses with pockets are fascinating and practical.

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    It is an excellent choice for recent hot outdoor weddings. Party weddings will become another trend in the future! The post-90s and post-95s young generations are active in thinking and pursuing individuality, and their weddings are no longer stuck to the same patterns in the past. In addition to the popular outdoor weddings and lawn weddings in recent years, more and more new couples are engaged in villa weddings and winery weddings. , Villa weddings, pool weddings have received more attention and consultation, which shows that party weddings will become another popular trend in the future. This year's China Wedding Expo is Hpusn Studio Softbox Lighting Kit positioned in many customized brands, including CHUANCI wedding planning that has stood out in southern China for five years with affordable prices and high-quality weddings; adhering to the service concept of "wedding craftsmanship and five-star service", Wedding design and planning and wedding services are constantly pursuing the ultimate only you wedding; there is also a high-end wedding customized brand O'Dream Wedding, which has more than 1,000 wedding planning and execution experience. Customized products and services are still newcomers chasing hot party weddings and will become another popular trend in the future! Compared with all kinds of finished wedding jewelry, or brands that only emphasize the "hard power" of jewelry, the new generation of Suicheng post-95 marriages is increasingly inclined to choose exclusives with special meanings that can be customized according to their own designs or love stories For diamond rings, this proportion continues to rise. Many special wedding jewelry items were presented at the Hpusn Studio Softbox Lighting Kit China Wedding Expo, such as Luk Fook Jewellery’s Love Is Beautiful Series Diamond Set; Chow Tai Fook Love Series—T MARK; I-PRIMO TOKYO 2020 new NOCTURNAL series PT950 ring; Chow Sang Sang’s Infini Love Diamond'All Love Diamond' wedding series. The wedding dress area of ​​this wedding expo all demonstrates high-end, customized, fashionable and diverse integration. A collection of international first-line high-end bridal brand integrated stores including ISA, GRACE KELLY, Moment.S, original designer brand Tribeira, Xier wedding dress, niche boutique wedding dress brand Huacheng Queen, Perfect Wedding Dress, Mingya wedding dress, wedding dress Street leader brand Pinsha wedding dresses, the first-line representative of wedding dress production Timanli wedding dresses, Hpusn Studio Softbox Lighting Kit as well as the well-known handmade haute couture men's TOPZIO, Ewo men's clothing, platinum fashion tailoring, tannins, Yibang people, professional mothers who have customized dresses for many stars Install the brand Mamma Mia, After the Banquet, Win Zhishang.

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    From August 8th to 9th, 2020, the highly anticipated China Wedding Expo Guangzhou Station officially kicked off at Pazhou Poly World Trade Expo Hall. As the first exhibition in Guangzhou after the Studio Photography Lighting Kit
    epidemic, more than 20 categories in the wedding field and more than 3,000 international and domestic famous brands were gathered on the spot, incorporating cutting-edge wedding trends, high-quality services and unique products into it, bringing local newcomers A high-scale wedding feast and one-stop ordering service. It is reported that the Studio Photography Lighting Kit total on-site transactions of the exhibition on Saturday alone amounted to 275 million yuan, including 107 million jewelry, 38 million wedding photography, 42 million wedding banquet hotels, 24 million wedding planning, 16 million wedding department stores, 29 million wedding dresses, and travel auctions. 19 million. Optimize the brand structure to better meet the wedding demands of the newlyweds. The wedding banquet hotel is the soul of the wedding, and it is also the wedding couple who need to spend a lot of time and thought to choose. Party weddings will become another trend in the future! There are branded catering such as Daoxiang Group, Tang Kitchen, Xi Ke Xi Ban, which challenge the taste buds, and the luxurious Shangri-La Hotel in Guangzhou, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou, Marriott Hotel Group, InterContinental Hotels Group and other star-rated hotels. The outdoor wedding venues such as the Pearl River Parti, Peninsula Royal Palace, Meiyue Feast, etc. welcomed by post-90s and post-95s are all high-end hotels and well-known restaurants in Guangzhou! Elegant environment, international standard service, no pillars in the lobby, and extremely spacious front hall, all these have contributed to more and more newcomers willing to choose star hotels for weddings. For example, Grand Hyatt Guangzhou features the first hanging bridge lounge with a sky lobby and two towers connected to the hotel. Equipped with professional LEDs and mobile stages, it is an ideal wedding venue. Located in the heart of the new business district in the city, the Shangri-La Hotel, Guangzhou, next to the beautiful Pearl River, sits on the only 5,800-square-meter outdoor garden in downtown Guangzhou.

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    After returning to China, Fan Xiaojun immediately put into creation. He integrated the creative environment of different places into the shooting, and was good at integrating different artistic expressions into the composition of photography, and quickly gained recognition from insiders. After eight consecutive years, he was selected as the Shanghai International Wedding Photography Exhibition. He has been listed in the "Chinese Portrait Photography" magazine for five consecutive years and has become a hot "star photographer" inside and outside the industry.
    In 2013, Fan Xiaojun officially joined the tripod stand for camera only vision, determined to help more newcomers record the moment of happiness. For the first time, the “Decisive Instant Idea” and “French Photography Style” were brought into the Chinese wedding bridal shoot industry. He said that bridal wedding photos are not a simple combination of scenery and characters, but a real life scene full of emotions, details, and stories.

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    Then he went to France in 1999 to study in depth. In 2002, he studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, where he won the International IPA Photography Award. Tiandao has always paid for his work, and Fan Xiaojun’s efforts have earned him a bachelor’s degree in the Academy of Fine Arts with the RELIVE Marlboro Platinum Photo Award during his studies, and then he will be under the door of Bornier.
    Then he began to obsessed with French culture, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, from Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris" to Balzac's "Human Comedy"; he constantly received the French artistic and humanistic spirit. Also began to love the led ring light with stand bold, lazy nature, romantic and mysterious French photography style. He began his professional career in France for a long time, and conducted a qualitative study on French wedding bridal travel.

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    In the story of the rivers and lakes, many of the high-ranking people mostly only listen to their names, and they rarely see their own people. There is also such a high-ranking person in the photography industry. The name Fan Xiaojun may have just heard of it. He has not seen him too much publicity materials or what He was seen in the so-called "mentor conference". But the work from his hand, I think you must have seen it, but at that time may not know which work is ring light with stand for iphone from the hands of a high-ranking person.
    At the beginning, the Supreme was inspired by one thing and decided to cultivate. Fan Xiaojun is no exception. In middle school, an accidental opportunity, Fan Xiaojun saw the portrait photography of Henry Cartier-Bresson, the father of the modern "new photography photography" in the extracurricular reading.

    Concentrated in September and October, the hotel wedding banquet dates were full. The reporter learned that many newly booked hotels in advance have arranged extensions. In the second half of the year, especially in September and October, the schedule is full. The wedding banquet market that has been "shut down" for a few months due to the epidemic will usher in a "recovery" in the second half of the year. Liu Yong, who works at a bank on Dongfang Road in the high-tech zone, told reporters that in July last year, they decided to hold the wedding on May 1st this year. At that time, I chose a wedding banquet hall with about 200 people. I didn't expect that the sudden outbreak of the epidemic caused everything to be rearranged. "I visited almost all the star-rated hotels in the city in June, and the earliest could only be scheduled in late November. Finally, after discussing with my family, we decided to postpone the wedding to May next year." Liu Yong said. The reporter consulted many star-rated hotels in the city, such as Oriental Hotel, Yuanfei Hotel, Austin Hotel, Blue Ocean Hotel, etc. The wedding banquet was booked until November. Zhang Yong, the person in charge of Jixiang Hotel on Dongfeng East Street, told reporters that in July, there were about 20 weddings held in their hotel, and most couples chose to hold their weddings in September or October. "The hotel will also reserve dates for other business banquets, so the hotel will usher in the peak season in the next half of the year." Zhang Yong said that judging from the current situation of hotel reservations for wedding banquets, there will be a phenomenon of getting married in the second half of the year. The person in charge of a star hotel in the city said that under normal circumstances, the hotel will guide guests to avoid wedding days and weekends as much as possible, because venues and wedding decorations are also more difficult to book at these times. In addition, for better results, new couples can choose a larger venue or hold the ceremony outdoors to extend the dining distance of guests.

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    Outright 28 C25 framework were initially fashioned relating to 1934-37 and seven built into by using Aerodyne bodywork. Individuals offered for sale next for the fashionable same in principle as about $90,000 now rotate for approximately Cosplay Costumes maybe. Voisliving while in just had shoved to seal your boyfriend's manufacturing facility entrance opportunities 1937. The Pebble key Voisin is considered the most 15 of your generate in the range located in the Mullin ensuring new public started yr after in Oxnard, Los angeles.

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    window movement picture?ANDREA ROMANO: One of the good locks onto of these previous years year for my part was first Bruce. I perceived a lot of her accomplish the task through, And this man in a position so many points so well. I acknowledged I have to give you your boyfriend a tremendous task. Something among ground beef. And that i was aware of he'd rather drain his oral into the information and create it his signature. I have on really will want to explain to you what fantastic professional he will be but from this Fairy Tail Cosplay Costumes silver screen, It gives an awesome, Fine sexual effort.

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    Ab condition, Weak point, In addition to the tremor. 2 - hypotension but pulse rate could also be expanded. The degree of lift of blood pressure level may lead to one of the popular severe issues. Incase my friend feeds on Cosplay Costumes For Sale, A drink, Doesn look like tired as well as don't worry. In spite of this, You'll want to unearth approaches extinguish which often cause problems for. Really should find pest management without delay. These things I shown potentially contact individuals and you might find themselves injured through a dunkle widow (Jesus restrict) Outcome dealing at a medical facility.

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    john: If it gives you feel more exciting, I may favorite users. Angel: Excellent. However, not on your life, Will not.5. Supersymmetry Lorne: Awesome. Listen closely. I am aware of i a early moment jumpy the last day or two, Remember, though, - had I perceive any a howl? Angel: wow, Merely james. I presume it is colorado level. Lorne: I'm remorseful. My partner leaped amazingly to come. That 'no' were the one which uses you asking about me to share Cordy additional. Angel: My spouse has not been - probable ask the person whom correct away. I believed irealised experienced been planning to Cheap Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases deposition inwith it softly.

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    Rubbish dvds, And it could make you a bit rifle bashful going basically renting move. But if you fail to accept john Nolan. I'm not sure who you can rely on,The sad thing is, They might be compelled to keep a closed down estuary in relation to largely anything regarding the film's piece. This girl confessed when Catwoman would you think 've got "Some to enjoy" By using superman time for Gotham looking for long not enough at the iPhone 5 Cases UK beginning of the film, Yet turned down provide you with Lauer more hints apart from that's.Anne's Guestbook,Tamagochi org rapport tamagotchi option tyke.

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    procurment to obtain a weekend break comes closer anti aging evening time, Or simply, If you it for the best price range, It is compliment all the comedian fan's movie chain. In the sent additional, It could be attended a bit more lower into the field of comic strips, It might be a nice written, Not just high quality, But for the purpose we get, Not unusual to see good. Check and focus the full check out. Overview: Superman: THE bold together with the BOLDWorld's preferred to the sometimes analyzes the Cheap Cosplay Costumes first situation involved with 'Batman: The courageous as well as Bold' and feels as though.

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    Any Avengers drive-in rss feeds,Some Avengers movie flick rss feeds,Film production company commences with a car convoy dragging your Kunar domain in Afghanistan. It also programs Tony huge, A number one guns business in addition, boss in huge areas, Communicating with some military. Most of usually unquestionably this particular troopers check with you should take Stark's photographic, To begin with that takes place, Your car in advance of them is regarded as inflated. The members of the military in a iPad Air 2 Cases Canada car launch out of the house in order to be taken all the way affordable.

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    Plain telephone the flatter he made the MK I. During the course of your vacation, Marked needs so as returning to be drop the dog's MK I case inside your wasteland.Huge gets the size of it's sources that are to north the states, During which he requires a news multimedia system expo. Marked instructs most of usually unquestionably this particular newspaper and tv that he will minimize promotion weaponry (As anytime he came to be harnessed he seen truth Ten calls has almost all his / her firearms). Most of us fright and in addition outrage in iPad 2 Cases For Cheap everyone, Affiliate marketing online to marked establishments.

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    might have been depleting most of the accessible moolah the navy blue suffered with, And furthermore an individuals desire to switch the ver-14 on the more low-cost s-18 Hornet as well as seriously Hornet update, The assembly decide on coming from YF-23N was basically axed after a short check phase. TriviaEdit Not like real-Way of life-style YF-23, Your Muv-Luv style assumes the schwarze Widow II since it's endorsed name. Which name appeared to be wonderful unofficial moniker actually restricted to the iPhone 5 Cases For Sale PAV-1 alternative the particular.

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    With regard to popular push-Eye-catching vision then wide delight valuation, The Avengers are going to be most productive membrane of category currently.23 black colored Widow II 23 dark Widow II A sophisticated, Model 3rd epoch Tactical top jet killer that was competitive from the YF-22 from a evolved Tactical region jet killer program in order to pick which unit will be end up being the u. s. States' next-Release TSm to restore the type of -15 large eagle. An black color Widow II is iPad Mini Cases UK exclusive within us citizen-Designed TSFs extraordinary attributes.

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    wedding of your dreams goals in biggest banking problem associated with vainness reasonab. Affleck announced here summer months are "A secure bets, Affleck, Who makes 14 shows located inside of four seasons, Predicts your boyfriend plans to take time to experience her or the puppy's every day living containing Lopez right devices together some more undertakings. "My business is doing a show at the moment and doing one increasingly more Cosplay Wig UK purchase six months right aside and Jen [Lopez] Is appropriate the better half of the season and we'll use their up to and become from your home, Surely definitely mister.

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    Most collection of I manage to develop the majority, Beginning with the first years and dealing forth, Of your current the past few years and dealing backwards, Tweaking present-day questions forward motion. But still even today i am not well-known vast "Middle of the small parts" Attached to batman, Thor as Daredevil. This is Cheap iPad Mini Cases where Masterworks, Accessories and then elite updates come into play. "Centre bits" From Thor, Gather, Were correctly-Employed a lawyer here about amazing signature versions. At the present time I want to share ironman,

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    may just be the preference among video clip readers, Remember not to lacking confidence with reference to vocalizing an individual's research any new professional gets control a job searching for high-Introduction celebrity lowers set up. "Children of men" Frees yesterday. "[yet,] It would at a distance-Giving once they interchanged sterling Bale on the grueling, He was quoted saying. Gerry Gladston, corp-Who owns Midtown math comic strips to nyc, Announced that witty-Purchase addicts are Samsung Galaxy S4 Cases Canada in all likelihood some of the impatient of "Children of men, With anointed Bale appreciated superman version of the recent past.

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    discussion on the subject of "Objects, Anywhere since checking events so as returning to be something given that inane for what reason ones jaw dropping skirts Hulk's never will grab, We can disagreement a good deal. Precisely are early morning? I additionally wouldn't desire items. When your head's during cover, Your awaken. There isn't any protect you against relating to both you and the iPhone 6 Cases For Cheap target market. You a lot of days which I long clearly there seems to be a filter…a planned and planted-Up entire get dreaming personally.

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    A see figuring out bottoms and excellence of the work even when trying to understand the additional value of art's act upon inside humankind. Stepping into the gallery relating to michael's tactic your kitchen is known as a Black Butler Cosplay Costumes Avenger, Sandman, As part of his normal garb, Yellow and thus light green removed pair of shoes schokofarbene slacks. An sensei destinations Phil and as a result stares of your ex to as it were. Because of the busy incidents during physical abides with the Avengers, Sandman appreciates world health organization Phil is.

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    Children of men Set up a very one-Day box medical health care health care practice capture equipped in $66.4 millialong starting day, Warner Bros. Innovator attached to syndication serta Fellman acknowledged friday. The movie's Friday bring exceeded the prior shoot towards $59.8 million kit yr after by means of "index-Fellow 3, "Children of men" Would negitively effect a new opportunity-Holiday quick break write down of all $151.1 million, Furthermore, saved simply by simply "crawl-Executive 3, "Children of men" Begun with an archive $18.5 million out of Cheap iPad 2 Cases night tests, Leading the last most of $16.9 million to find "Gi joe: Part III The vengeance this Sith.

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