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    Then he went to France in 1999 to study in depth. In 2002, he studied photography at the Academy of Fine Arts in Paris, where he won the led ring light with stand International IPA Photography Award. Tiandao has always paid for his work, and Fan Xiaojun’s efforts have earned him a bachelor’s degree in the Academy of Fine Arts with the RELIVE Marlboro Platinum Photo Award during his studies, and then he will be under the door of Bornier.
    Then he began to obsessed with French culture, from the Renaissance to the Enlightenment, from Hugo's "Notre Dame de Paris" to Balzac's "Human Comedy"; he constantly received the French artistic and humanistic spirit. Also began to love the led ring light with stand bold, lazy nature, romantic and mysterious French photography style. He began his professional career in France for a long time, and conducted a qualitative study on French wedding bridal travel.

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    In the story of the rivers and lakes, many of the high-ranking people mostly only listen to their names, and they rarely see their ring light with stand for iphone own people. There is also such a high-ranking person in the photography industry. The name Fan Xiaojun may have just heard of it. He has not seen him too much publicity materials or what He was seen in the so-called "mentor conference". But the work from his hand, I think you must have seen it, but at that time may not know which work is ring light with stand for iphone from the hands of a high-ranking person.
    At the beginning, the Supreme was inspired by one thing and decided to cultivate. Fan Xiaojun is no exception. In middle school, an accidental opportunity, Fan Xiaojun saw the portrait photography of Henry Cartier-Bresson, the father of the modern "new photography photography" in the extracurricular reading.
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